The events in Odessa at 19 August 2019


19 August 2019, 13:00
category: for children
place: Art Museum (Sophia, 5A)

Odessa Museum of art opens summer camp whose aim is not only a healthy pastime for children, but also the opportunity for parents to stay alone for the sake of Dating, sea or... house cleaning  To join us is very easy register at the link: Typical day: ✔I 13:00-13:10 warm-up, practice comprehension for children; ✔I 13:15-14:30 creative job at the Museum, looking for the specified details in the paintings, exploring the exhibition; ✔I 14:45-15:00 practice comprehension for children, discussion and break/snack; ✔I 15:05-16:00 creative activity on the street — draw, sculpt, cut, glue make up the history of the plot of the book Gianni Rodari's "Grammar of fantasy", do your little show. And the activity on the street, in particular, in the maze. Materials and topics are changing every day. FULL PROGRAM "OFAM KIDS CAMP": ✏this week No. 1 (July 1-5) — "Portrait: oblachnyj, belt in the interior, group, growth (sculpt)"; ✏this is week No. 2 (July 8-12) — "Landscape: sea, village, city, abstract (sculpt)"; ✏this is week No. 3 (July 15-19) — "still life with fruit, still life and people, still life, tea, sea, still life (making)"; ✏this week No. 4 (July 22-26) — "Animalism: draw different kinds of animals, animals in landscapes, birds, portrait of a man with an animal (making)"; ✏this is week No. 5 (July 29-August 2) — "seascape: make copies of the works of Aivazovsky, seascape in the city, people in the background of the sea landscape, ship at sea (sculpt)"; ✏this week No. 6 (August 5-9) — "Abstraction: portrait, landscape, abstract, still life, abstract composition (making)"; ✏this is week No. 7 (August 12-16) — "Fiction: inspired Primachenko and draw a fantastic city, portraits, unheard of animals and plants (making)"; ✏this week No. 8 (Aug 19-23) — "Favorite Museum: the ballroom, the ceiling, the ornament of flooring and tiles, the facade of the Museum (making)".  When: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (closed on Tuesdays)  Odessa art Museum ☎ I telephone number for information: +38 066 278 90 35  Duration: from 13:00 to 16:00  Recommended age of participants: from 5 years  Maximum number of participants: 15 children The cost of one day (3 hours) — 250 UAH. But by buying season tickets, you save up to 27%:  The cost of a subscription for 4 days (Museum week) — 800 UAH.  The cost of subscription for 8 days (the Museum 2 weeks) — 1500 UAH.  The cost of subscription for 18 days (July) — 3500 UAH.  The cost of the subscription for 14 days (August) — 2800 UAH.  The cost of subscription for 32 days (July-August) — 6000 UAH. For multiple children from same family 10% discount.  Registration:  Program OFAM Kids Camp has developed and performed: Kseniya Stoyanova is an artist, restorer, professional fairy in Risovalli and certified specialist in conscious practices of working with children from Mindspot  We remind you that we are adult-friendly and always welcome the involvement of adults with a place (the cost of one day for adults — 250 UAH).

The poster of the event — OFAM KIDS CAMP in Art Museum