The events in Odessa at 17 July 2019

Hollywood on the birch of the Black Sea. Retrospective at OMKF

17 July 2019, 14:00
category: movie
place: The Cinema "Rodina" (Mechnikova str., 104)

Film legends of cult directors of Odessa film studio at the special program “Hollywood on the Birch of the Black Sea”.              Кінострічки, які змінили історію Український и світовый кіно!       The retrospective is timed to the 100th anniversary of the Odessa Film Studio.              Before the program you’ve seen:               - “Movchi, Sumy, Movchi” (1918, dir. Petro Chardinin)       - “The Yogid Kohannya” (1926, dir. Oleksandr Dovzhenko)       - “Spring on the Zolichniy Vulitsi” (1956, dir. Marlun Khutsiv, Felix Mironer)       - “The formula of fun” (1966, dir. Georgi Yungvald-Khilkevich)       - “The War of Poland” (1983, dir. Petro Todorovsky)       - “Nastroyuvach” (2004, dir. Kira Muratova)              Odessa is not only the city of Ukrainian film. One more place, dearly waiting for upin, violated the cinematographic life - a vin of videndennya to the “kinescope” by Josip Timchenk from 1893 until the end of the film of Kiri Muratovo.              At “Hollywood in the birch of the Black Sea”, having baptized Odessa film studio and the editor of the studio Yury Yanovsky, they were known for movies, which became unresponsive prizes in the Ukrainian, the joyful and the great movie.              In Odessa, at 1920’s Bula Rocks, the main knowledge base of VUFKU (All-Ukrainian Photo Control) is located, koodi came most of them to Petr Chardin’s and Boris Dzhelivan’s culture, so young people Demutsky and that.Already in 1927, Rotsі Oleksandr Dovzhenko at the “Summit Dipkur’єra” turned into a “Marinist”, a genre that is as much as typical for a film studio, then immediately knowing his masterpiece “Zvenigora” and “Arsenal”.              Not less success was small movie studio in the 1950-60s rock. “In order to pay for the collapsible warriors, if there were fewer services, the virology processes of the last studios were serviced, the Odesa kinostudiya for the first time in 1953 has launched a new kinobirobnostvo. І one of the first major films of the Odessa film studio “Spring on the Zolichny Vulitsy” became the leader of the all-union rental - he looked over 30 million gladachiv, ”- as well as the curator of the retrospective Anna Onufrіznoznozenko,.              In Odessa, they denied their first chance and opportunity for experiments by directors, coaches, and became a cult - even the same as Olexander Dovzhenko, Marlus Khutsiiv, Stanislav Ovorukhin, Petro Todorovskiy, Radom.              Here svіy unikalniy absurdist-philosophical style and I propagated all the lives of Kіra Muratova. 1960s rocky - the same way rozkvіt fiction genre, secrecy and Ukrainian film. The formal formalities of the film “Formula of Fun” (1966) Odessa film studio, which sets a new - socially - straight forward development of the film science fiction.Yourselves have an hour on the topic of film studio Other svitovoi vіyni і people on the other way Petro Todorovsky at his debut film "Vіrnіst" (1965). After twenty years of the very same “War-Polish novel” (1983) we first recognized the films in Ukrainian film studios to be nominated for an Oscar.              Show the films “Spring on the Zolichniy Vulitsi” and “Nastroyuvach” є with commendations to their directors - Marlun Khutsiev and Kіrі Muratіvі, yakі mercilessly sent them alive. It’s also traditionally retrospectively showcased retrospectively from films - all of which is called “War-Polish novel” and “Nastroyuvach”.

The poster of the event — Hollywood on the birch of the Black Sea. Retrospective at OMKF in The Cinema "Rodina"