The events in Odessa at 16 July 2019

Ekaterina Drozdova about depression, suicides and adolescents

16 July 2019, 19:30
category: lecture
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On Tuesday, July 16, at 19:30 on Preobrazhenskaya, 45 there will be a meeting with Ekaterina Drozdova. We will talk about adolescents and psychiatry ‍⚕              The topic of psychiatry in our society is still quite embarrassing and awkward, especially when you need to take your own child to an appointment with a psychiatrist. Parents at this moment are faced with guilt and a state of their own incompetence. We will try to destroy several myths about psychiatrists, talk about what changes in the behavior of a teenager should pay attention to the parent and when to seek help.              At the lecture we will touch upon the following questions:        The difference between a psychologist, a psychotherapist and a psychiatrist. When should I go to the doctor?        How is depression manifested in adolescents, and what should parents do?        Suicidal thoughts and attempts;        Selectivity in food and critical changes in weight;        Fixing a teenager on appearance or physical disabilities;        Aggressive, cruel behavior, isolation;        How to prepare for a visit to a psychiatrist?        How is the reception of a psychiatrist?        What additional examinations can a psychiatrist prescribe?        Myths about psychiatrists: put on record, everyone will know, all life on tablets, etc.        Help for parents: where and to whom to turn for help in Odessa.              ℹ️ Ekaterina Drozdova - a psychiatrist of the highest category, a gestalt therapist, a supervisor, a trainer at the GPTG. The cost of participation is free donation (this means that admission is free, but in the end, if you liked it and you feel that you have received something important for yourself, you can leave the amount you think is necessary)              Registration -               Seats are limited. We promise to send a video to everyone who signs up.              ☎️ Questions: 701 43 03

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