The events in Odessa at 17 July 2019

X OMKF children / The Circus / The Circus / Circus

17 July 2019, 11:00
category: movie
place: The Cinema "Rodina" (Mechnikova str., 104)

The Circus / The Circus / Circus Charlie Chaplin / USA / 1928, 72 ’ Solitude come to the carnival. There is a gutted villain pidkidaє yomu gamanets abi uniquely recognize areshtu. To speak with a solitude from the kradіzhtsі, that’s all tіkaє. Take refuge in pursuit, revel in the arena of circus for the last straight hour in vistavi. Namahayuschissya to get caught in the sight of the police, Vololyuzhka is visually in sight of the magician, but now it seems like the public. The circus is going through an important hour, to that the hairman takes Volotsyuzhka to work 17 Lipnya, 11:00 Festival Center RODINA. Chervona Hall

The poster of the event — X OMKF children / The Circus / The Circus / Circus in The Cinema "Rodina"