The events in Odessa at 17 July 2019

OIFF 2019 / Ukraine: Here We Go!

17 July 2019, 13:15
category: the conference
place: Hotel "Londonskaya" (Primorsky b-R, 11)

Ukraine: Here We Go!       The hour of the Odessa International Film Festival, as well as spending time on the IDFA, is the main square of the documentary film in Europe, as well as about the possibility, I can deny the participants of the delegation.              Spiker (k) and:       - Darya Bassel, Kerivnitsya Industrial Platforms DOCU / PRO       - Philip Illienko, head of the Sovereign Agency       - Vika Leshchenko, Program Director, Docudays UA              17 Lipnya, OMKF, Londonska Hotel (11 Primorsky Boulevard), head hall, 13:15.              Entry for industrial and pres-accreditation.

The poster of the event — OIFF 2019 / Ukraine: Here We Go! in Hotel "Londonskaya"