The events in Odessa at 17 July 2019

X FESTIVAL /Documentary exhibition "Diary of the FESTIVAL"

17 July 2019, 11:00
category: exhibition
place: Gallery of modern art "Invogue" (St. Catherine's, 25)

Documentary exhibition "Diary of the FESTIVAL" on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Odesa International Film Festival in the gallery Invogue#Art Exhibition about the evolution of the FESTIVAL since its inception in 2010 until today. For the exhibition, the curatorial team - the Agency of cultural management Port -- learned first hand about how the FESTIVAL was created, who invented it and what was happening in the film industry in Odessa to the ground of the festival. "Despite the FESTIVAL today, it seems that he has always been large and successful, has always been hundreds of films and international filmmakers strolled the streets of Odessa," -- says the exhibition curator of art OIFF 2019 Katya Taylor. "In fact, the project was created a decade of effort by hundreds of people day after day. These people have chosen different solutions, daring and challenging, I set myself an impossible task. The exhibition will show the FESTIVAL as a living organism, not a movie machine, which through trial and error became what it became. Show its humane and touching your face." The exhibition "Diary of the FESTIVAL" in a modern form will be historical artifacts. Viewers will see the UPS and downs, historic moments and get acquainted with the people who create the film festival in Odessa. Among the exhibits: the first scene of the opening ceremonies at the Opera house, the minutes of the meeting of the jury of the first festival, layouts, and evolution of figurines created by the famous Odessa sculptor Mikhail Reva and incredible achievements of the OIFF in facts and figures. "We wanted to be in Ukraine was a more clever movie," says the President of the Odessa international film festival Victoria Tigipko. "We had great ambitions of the festival, but in the beginning we couldn't even imagine what it will grow. And dream was to instill in Ukraine the other type of visual culture, where cinema as social, brings people the experience would become a point of support to implement the plan". The project is implemented with the support of the Ukrainian cultural Fund. Entrance to the opening on 13 July at 16:00 free, advance registration is required: When: July 13 at 16:00 Where: gallery Invogue#Art Additional information: Agency of cooperation of business and culture, which provides expertise on issues of art and has been creating and implementing cultural projects in Ukraine and abroad. For three years, we have implemented more than 50 projects, including for the UN Women anti-corruption Initiatives of the EU, UNICEF, Motorola, Havas. The Ukrainian cultural Fund-state organization, created in 2017, on the basis of the Law of Ukraine, with the aim of facilitating the development of national culture and art in the state, providing favorable conditions for the development of intellectual and spiritual potential of the individual and society, broad access of citizens to national cultural heritage, support cultural diversity and integration of Ukrainian culture into the global cultural space. The activities of the Fund, in accordance with the current legislation, directed and koordiniruyutsya by the Ministry of culture of Ukraine. Support of projects of the Ukrainian cultural Foundation on a competitive basis.

The poster of the event — X FESTIVAL /Documentary exhibition "Diary of the FESTIVAL" in Gallery of modern art "Invogue"