The events in Odessa at 17 August 2019

Art-Psy_Club / Starry August: the dream Flight

17 August 2019, 18:00
category: master class
430 UAH
place: Location (specified when registering)

⭐⭐⭐STARAUGUST⭐⭐⭐ ☀☀⭐⭐ANNOUNCEMENT MASTERCLASSES⭐⭐☀☀ 17.08 - "fly for a dream" - going to the air travel, you need to prepare your mind and heart to dream. In the sky, our thoughts become more distinct and cleaner. Motive for those who wants to travel in the air and not only. For romantics and adventurers. 20.08 - "Melon" - to Indulge the inner child is important and necessary. Give yourself gifts, sweets and to indulge in as a child, this is what energizes us from within and gives you a powerful resource. Write for yourself or for a gift. 24.08 - Waterfall - the waterfall in the painting symbolizes prosperity in the house draws cash flow and good fortune. A symbol of prosperity and wealth it is better to place at the entrance inside the house or apartment. Water is a strong energy component. Its presence in the home creates a harmony in the environment, like a magnet attracts good luck, prosperity and health. Write your talisman for yourself or for a gift. 27.08 - "field Chamomile" - Chamomile – the symbol of childhood and first love, innocence, modesty and sincerity romantic dreams. It is a symbol of truth and a reliable and sincere feelings. The language of flowers the gift of flowers means good intentions, purity and innocence. Perhaps no one plant does not reflect the true pure feeling of true love. What flower tear lovers to answer: does their "second half"? Of course, Daisy! This is the most understandable symbol of love. Write pairs, and for yourself. 31.08 - "Tender sunset" - when in life there is a sense of completion of something, I want to go all the way and gently terminate the existing stage. Leave only a pleasant aftertaste, charge by solar power, bright memories in memories in the heart. This motif is used for this. When the window with nostalgia, looking at the picture, and becomes warmer on a soul. If you have such memories, it is proposed to impress them in this picture. 朗Draw with pleasure and fun. :) If you think you can't draw, we will dissuade this. We write everything. Give yourself and family the warmth of the handmade. Pleasure and relaxation. Entry is open and binding. The number of places is limited. The cost of participation is UAH 430. (all materials included). Write 063-045-76-67 (viber, SMS) 殺Want to be aware of all news of our Studio, write the number 0630457667(viber "I want the group"), and we will add you.

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