The events in Odessa at 15 August 2019

Why me do not write?!

15 August 2019, 19:30
category: lecture
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 Andy Warhol promised everyone 15 minutes of fame in an era when a house had only one screen – the television. ⠀ Today you can bomb the consciousness of the viewer with 4-5 screens at once, but to be known to a wide audience has become more difficult. An article with your name in Wikipedia will not survive for 15 minutes without reference to authoritative sources, and they remain media. What about the reporters who is brands hard mentioned “one company“, and instead of names – “famous patrons” or “urban activists“? ⠀ The lecture Maria Yarotska will talk about how to present information so that a press release went to spam, how and why to build long-term relationships with journalists and what to do when you weren't writing. ⠀ Registration ⠀ This lecture covers the basics of the press service: ⠀  Who are the "talking heads" project ⠀  What infopovod and how to pack ⠀  Why you need a press breakfasts, Lunches and briefings ⠀  Where to find contacts of journalists ⠀  How to put the task of the PR ⠀  What is the PR value and how to calculate efficiency of investments ⠀ Maria Yarotska — specialist in marketing and UX. She works as a PR girl in the field of metallurgy, teaching on the course UX Design Middle, conducts corporate training to Vodafone Ukraine and is engaged in the popularization of science in the Agency space events Belka&Strelka. Regularly acts as a mentor for the pitching startups. ⠀ For whom this lecture: ⠀  Consultants and celebrities who want to become more recognizable ⠀  Owners of startups and companies who want to get their 15 minutes of fame ⠀  People who want to tell the world about their activities so that they be heard ⠀ Registration Where? Projector.Odessa, Rishelyevskaya street, 33 | 3rd floor

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