The events in Odessa at 15 August 2019

Roman Balayan. Prisoner of the Caucasus

15 August 2019, 21:00
category: recital
from 150 to 250 UAH
place: Green theatre (Shevchenko Park)

15 Aug, 21:00 Creative meeting with Roman balanon + premiere passages in the new film The leader of evening — film critic, TV and radio presenter Andrey Alferov. Tickets: Roman Balayan is more than just the Director. More than just a full-time Director of the Studio Dovzhenko. He — the singer of urban culture, he observed a middle-class life in the era of Brezhnev stagnation. Allegorically, with the first Moscow artists (Jankowski, tobacco, Gurchenko, Abdulov, Zbruev) of his time, much beyond his native Kiev, sometimes through Chekhov and Turgenev, Balayan filmed about themselves and their environment in Kiev. About the Kiev middle class — engineers, artists, filmmakers, architects, writers, representing is not shareware, not official, not a Soviet Ukraine. He filmed about the people who lived in the almost airless space, about the extra people — his Makarov from "Flights in dreams and reality"". Balayan is (in fact) was opened by a very young Oleg Menshikov ("Flights in dream and reality"), gave Mikhail Golubovich one of the best career roles ("lone wolf", 1977) and exactly the best role Yankovsky, forcing other fiercely jealous of him. They invented on-the-go scene in which wet Jankowski is buried in a haystack – the best ending in the Soviet cinema of the 1980s. so Who else is partisan could take Kyiv without Kyiv? Just like his friend and informal teacher Paradjanov, managed in "Shadows of forgotten ancestors" to remove the Carpathians is not actually showing them. Never betray Kiev, Roman Balayan really loved not even a town, and not even the movie, but his friends. It friends always were the backbone of his crew. Losing over the last decades, Yankovsky, Abdulov, Kaluta, Kropacheva, Balayan, like an orphan, and always sparkling humor was oozing a rather bleak view of the world that has changed dramatically over the past four decades. But it is not extinct adults, boys and girls, a kind of aging men in search of high — unlucky and unhappy, whose life sheet yellowed, but not opal. And therefore "Flying" — the movie the eternal, for generations and generations to come. One evening in the Green theatre of Odessa is 2 hours of sleep and waking, of reality. The very reality that the Director melts in a movie; it's a lot of jokes backstage and gold; it's exclusive footage of the new film by Roman Balayan, which is finished and preparing to enter into the light; this is another very personal story of the Director about his relationship with modernity. The General partner of the Green theatre — a residential complex Park Sauvignon.

The poster of the event — Roman Balayan. Prisoner of the Caucasus in Green theatre