The events in Odessa at 29 August 2019

Festival "Red City"

29 August 2019, 17:00
category: festival
place: The monument to Duke de Richelieu (Potemkin stairs)

You are a redhead and talented! Just red or just talented! Or not red! It does not matter! If you have a love 李 to life and know how to smile come on 29 August at 17:00 at the monument to Duke. You walk down the red carpet under the flashes of cameras as the real red star!⭐ You are waiting for steep photozone, bright personality, cool surprises, humor, music and good mood! We go through a red parade to the Summer theatre in the City garden and there we will continue our present red holiday! 李Red among their own ! Among redheads!李 _____________________ August 29, 2019 Odessa for the fourth time will be the capital of the most red-haired and talented people. We conduct innovative cultural event - the festival of red-haired talent " Red City ". He is dedicated to not only the memory of the great writer and playwright, author of the humor and the literary image of the city of red George Golubenko, but dedicated to the search of Sunny and positive mood, opening up your talents and talents of your children. Because everything in the world - just for fun smiles and laughter of children. The most important thing is to be redheaded, not only externally, but to be inside them. So, to be positive, optimistic, cheerful, open, not afraid to show their talents to all others, and strive to learn something new, interesting and positive. Festival red, such as Odessa are held annually in the United States, Holland, Ireland and other countries. They are an innovative cultural products at national and international level. Thousands of redheads and all who joined them go to the streets to show and to say not only about themselves but also about that smile and kindness, talents, and openness, laughter and humor is a source of kindness and peace, a bridge for inter-cultural development and welfare. The festival program for everyone! The sea of stars and guests! Beginning at 17.00 in the Duke red Parade on the streets of Odessa, the monument to Duke to the City garden Concert and contests in the Summer theater of the City garden Watch for announcements and details!!! #Septrmber Organizer FOR "the First theatrical charity Fund" With the support of "Ukrainian cultural Fund" of the Ukrainian cultural Fund Thank you Odessa City Council information and technical support.

The poster of the event — Festival "Red City" in The monument to Duke de Richelieu