The events in Odessa at 17 August 2019

A Musical Journey

17 August 2019, 21:00
category: concert
100 UAH
place: Artpab "Underpub" (Primorskaya street, 15/17)

Four musicians, four performers, four of penmanship, four character... All the masks, the music, her mood will be revealed to you at the concert on August 17 in Underpub. We will travel through the worlds. A journey full of adventures and mysteries. To come to the concert, you need to make rash, spur of the moment thing. We can't tell you what to expect, but we do know that you should be ready for anything. Open a new, come. Beginning at 21:00. The entrance ticket is 100 UAH.

The poster of the event — A Musical Journey in Artpab "Underpub"