The events in Odessa at 14 September 2019

Transformation course "The path of development of the soul"

14 September 2019, 15:00
category: seminar/training
450 UAH
place: The development center "the heart" (Troitskaya street, 21)

We invite you to the therapeutic and transformational course "The path of development of the soul"              • 22 lessons, 8 months of transformation and transformation, continuous work on oneself and reaching a new, high-quality standard of living.              Each lesson is a full-fledged training, consisting of 3 exercises for each sphere of life.       In fact, this is 3 consultations for 1 lesson. Significant savings, and the result is several times more effective.              A powerful transformation awaits you. Wherever you are now and no matter what happens to you, in a few months your life will be completely different. You can come to one / two classes and decide for yourself whether you are really ready for a change !!              RESULTS:       You build a healthy, happy relationship and build understanding with others.        Set accents in life, understand your true desires and how it is easier to realize them.       You will recognize yourself much better and will act in harmony with yourself.        You will communicate effectively with your unconscious, choosing the best solutions.        Never betray yourself again. You will act in accordance with your highest values ​​and desires.       You will have an unshakable faith in yourself and a deep sense of dignity.       Exit to a new level in life, in personal relationships, professionally and financially.        Enter your best life scenario and become the best version of yourself.       Lose situations from a future life to avoid mistakes. Get the experience of living the future. You will have the experience of living your strength, after which nothing can stop you.              This deep-level program will change your whole life.              Exercises are based on deep unconscious Archetypes that live and manifest themselves through us. These Archetypes are captured in the major Tarot Arcana.       The symbols of the major Arcana of the Tarot consistently reflect our life path, how we gain maturity, wisdom and experience, through the solution of which problems we inevitably go through.              This is a unique opportunity to meet yourself with the present / present!              The course is conducted by Irina Chetyrkina Psychologist, psychotherapist, psychosomatologist, art therapist, personal development coach!              Over 10 years of practical experience working with people, author of more than 150 trainings and master classes!       Certified bioenergotherapist and qigong practice for over 15 years.              More detailed information can be found by going to the "Discussions" section, which is located a little higher☝              We are waiting for you on September 7 in the first lesson, and later every Saturday at 15:00 at the OM Center "Depth of Soul" at the address: Odessa, st. Troitskaya, 21.              The duration of the lesson is 3 hours.       The cost of 1 lesson is 450 UAH.              Entry is required! A group of up to 15 people and recruited very quickly              For all questions, call: 073-066-87-99 Elena or write in the comments.              See you at the course that will radically change your Life for the better 

The poster of the event — Transformation course "The path of development of the soul" in The development center "the heart"