The events in Odessa at 15 August 2019

Classes for children and parents / How to make friends with the mind and emotions?

15 August 2019, 17:00
category: seminar/training
from 200 to 300 UAH
place: Green theatre (Shevchenko Park)

To be parents at the same time happiness and stress. We Mindspot know how to help moms and dads to be happier, and children to keep up with the speed of this world and to be happy, too. A child's brain is not ready for such a load as an adult. Children get tired very quickly, without having to handle all incoming information for a day. Growing carelessness, confusion and emotional instability. And then decreases to a minimum quality of communication parent-child. What can parents do? How to cope and turn the movement in the other direction? The weekly group sessions, "How to make friends with the mind and emotions" in Mindspot parents and children receive the necessary tools for the training of attention. Exercises are aimed to learn:  to be fully present in the moment,  to be aware of yourself (body, emotions, and thoughts),  trust your feelings,  to treat any life situation calmly and with acceptance. Children need support and understanding. But mom and dad are not made of iron without training and techniques it's hard to be calm, happy, radiant smile and good man. Joint attention training and instructor tips awareness in Mindspot can give a positive result and to help both parents and child. These lessons are not just for kids. Parents these classes will give: ☑ this is useful information about the brain development of children ☑ I will teach you to react calmly to a child's anger ☑ this is easier to cope with the riot of emotions ☑ this is qualitatively interact with the child during and now after school ☑ this to gain stability ☑ this is a great opportunity to spend time together, without a lot of extraneous gadgets and distractions ☑ it's amazing to see and hear the smiles and laughter of your child. In the exercises that parents do with children, the main focus is on adult and his contact with the child. This will help in the future easier and greener to communicate in difficult situations. With practice you will learn how to interact with the child, would be his example and make contribution to building a trusting and supportive atmosphere at home. What will happen in the lesson? 1. Familiarity with the basic principles of mindfulness practice 2. Games on developing the skills of concentration and relaxation 3. Art practices for better recognition of their emotions 4. Motor exercises to relieve tension in the body Anna Volkomor is a certified mindfulness instructor Mindspot, psychotherapist, dance-movement therapist, a specialist in performance art. In July and August, classes for parents and children will be held Thursday at 17:00 and for children ages 4-6 years. If your child is older and wants to go to school – let us know. We will analyze the query, find a solution and will inform you. Where: Playground Mindspot in the Green theater Odessa, Gorky Park. Shevchenko, Mindspot Price: Child+parent — 300 UAH The second child — UAH 200 Second parent — free To register: Not to miss the next children's activities, subscribe to the newsletter for parents in which we will publish useful and practical information on conscious parenting and mindfulnes for children: Ask the administrator Mindspot: +38 048 788 87 17; +38 094 922 17 17

The poster of the event — Classes for children and parents / How to make friends with the mind and emotions? in Green theatre