The events in Odessa at 17 August 2019

Workshop for Dole and perinatal specialists (practice and experience)

17 August 2019, 11:00
category: seminar/training
from 4000 to 5000 UAH
place: Shop children's books "Big BUCK" (Ekaterininskaya str, 27/1 - TTS "Kadorr")

Perinatal centre of culture "the Touch" invites the Dole, psychologists and other specialists of helping professions in the workshop. The seminar is devoted to the peculiarities accompany women and families during conception, pregnancy and childbirth. We will generously share their knowledge, experiences and even contact the friendly professionals in our city and not only! At the seminar you will learn: - what are the similarities and differences between the perinatal professions - boundaries of professions doli/midwife/psychologist/perinatal specialist - options for professional training in our country and abroad - the physiology and psychology of childbirth - features support at each stage of the childbirth - methods of natural pain relief and breathing during childbirth - interaction with her husband and other family members of a pregnant woman - interaction with doctors and medical staff - legal aspects of perinatal areas - how to enter into a contract with a woman - how to professionally finish your interaction - prevention of burnout and self-care If you are doula and childbirth not accompany this seminar will be useful for you as we teach useful skills for psychological help in difficult situations, namely: - basics of psychological assistance - coaching aspects of support and environmental support - fundamentals of traumatherapie - developing yourself as an expert and deep understanding of their own competencies Payment - 4000 UAH (the day of the event 5000 UAH) After training, you will receive a certificate of completion of the seminar, from our centre. The campaign will start on July 20-21 Venue - St. Catherine 27/1, TC Kadir, 5th floor, Large BEECH The seminar Lyudmila Rummo - clinical psychologist, traumatherapie, doula, coach ACC ICF, head of the perinatal center of culture "the Touch" For questions call 0959444954 (Viber) and 0967634823 Less

The poster of the event — Workshop for Dole and perinatal specialists (practice and experience) in Shop children's books "Big BUCK"