The events in Odessa at 15 September 2019

Craftfest made with love

15 September 2019, 11:00
category: food
place: The collection point (Old-market square)

Craft products are gaining popularity starting around 2012. It comes from the English word “craft”, which can be translated as “skillful work” or “craft”. This adjective is often called products made not in the factory, but in the workshop, in small batches according to individual recipes.              Craft products, according to their plan, should differ from consumer goods with much higher quality, rich taste and natural ingredients. For example, craft beer is brewed in a small family brewery according to a unique recipe from the most selected materials. “Craft clothes” is sewn in pieces with love and tenderness, according to individual sketches, etc.               At CraftFest, we decided to introduce craftsmen from all over Ukraine.              Three days of only the best products and goods, master classes, entertainment and of course, a lot of "craft music"              * Craft food and drink       * Products of farmers and small farms       *Clothes, shoes       * Products for everyone       * Studios of arts and creativity       * Talent show of all ages       * Exhibition of art creativity       * Restaurants and cafes              Advance reservation at special prices              Admission is free for all guests.       Register Masters              Registration of manufacturers and food court

The poster of the event — Craftfest made with love in The collection point