The events in Odessa at 12 September 2019

Course Paper Collage 4.0. Collage in theory and practice

12 September 2019, 18:00
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place: Shop children's books "Big BUCK" (Ekaterininskaya str, 27/1 - TTS "Kadorr")

We are opening a new course Paper Collage by Eugenia 4.0 matyushko ( Jane Matyushko ) to create a modern photo collage. There will be a lot of theory, practice and inspiration! The structure of each lesson involves theoretical and practical part, where we try out different materials and develop imagination. Everyone will leave with a huge amount of their work. Who is this course for: ● a course designed for audiences with any level of artistic training and without it; ● for those who want to develop a sense of beauty and to develop their imagination; ● for those who always wanted to be creative and to break away from the computer monitor; ● even for those who already know what a collage is, but is ready to improve your skills even more. The aim of the course: ● understanding of the concept of composition and understand it almost; ● to introduce a variety of techniques in the collage; ● to unlock the creative potential of each participant; ● to form the artistic taste and learn how to use it; ● be inspired by a new kind of creative activity; ● at the end of the presentation of works of graduates of the course. Program: 1. Introductory lecture.12 Sep The history of collages from Pablo Picasso to the present day. Familiarity with the basics of building a collage. Composition — without it anywhere. How to start implementing new ideas. Exercise : try out different materials, create 3 - 5 own textures. To use will all fall under the arm: cloth, brushes, paint, sponges, brushes, spatula. Summary: create a collage with your best texture. Homework. 2. From Suprematism to constructivism. 19 Sep The era of experiments: VKhUTEMAS, Bauhaus, Alexander Rodchenko, Vladimir Tatlin, El Lissitzky. The result: 3 mini collage cards in this style. Homework. 3. Dekollazh. 26 Sep Review of the contemporary authors. Exercise: Technique without scissors/ make 3 mini collage in this technique Summary: create a collage Homework. 4. Minimalism. 3 Oct Review of works of modern authors Exercise : 3 mini collage (greeting) Summary : Do 3-5 mini collages of unusual format in the style of minimalism (circle, square, triangle) Homework. 5. Typographic collage. 10 Oct Work with fonts, letters, words. The review authors Summary: make a collage of fonts. Work with the text. Homework. 6. Black-and-white collage. 17 Oct The magic of black-and-white world. Review of the contemporary authors The result: the creation of 3 abstract black and white mini-collage Homework. 7. Work with the figure and paint. 24 Oct Review of the contemporary authors. Special effects and drawing Summary: Transform an existing character from the log, modify the features or contours of the body with paint. Homework. 8. fashion collage. 31 Oct Fashion-collage as a fashion phenomenon. Review of the contemporary authors Trend clothing-trend in collages trend bureaus and named The result : a Fashion collage. 3-5 pieces of small size. Homework. The course leads Jane Matyushko Matyushko, Digital Designer, graduated from British higher school of art and design. It is engaged in design since 2006. ✎ Start - September 12 The course consists of 8 lessons Thursdays 18:00 - 21:00 A group of up to 10 people Age 12+ Price : 2800 UAH. All materials are included in the price Record by phone: 073 320 17 42 Odessa, Catherine 27/1 TC Kadir, 5th floor Our partners and friends a Big BEECH

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