The events in Odessa at 29 August 2019

Ilovaysk Pam'yataєmo Not Forgetable

29 August 2019, 11:00
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29 sickle vipovnyuetsya 5 richnitsya Іловайської tragedies, in a yak_y ukrainian army and volunteer battalions have recognized the greatest losses in battles with rossiysko-terroristnymi v_isky on the similarities of Ukraine.              In Odesa metro station, on the same day, for the part of the sovereign authorities and the local self-mutilation, the special warehouse of the Odessa garrison and the right-wing organs, veterans, volunteers, clergy and community members, a memorial service was held for the ritual of worship in Kiev and the quota for the fate of the rotary posters, the salute group and the orchestra, skinny.              Ear of call at 11:00 a.m.              A month of sunset: Heroes Square of Heavenly Hundreds (on the side is admin side # 1 of the oblast state administration), a memorial stone laid in honor of the lost people of the Soviet Union from the city of Odessa and the region.              Do not die out of war, forgive us for their memory !!!

The poster of the event — Ilovaysk Pam'yataєmo Not Forgetable in Location