The events in Odessa at 29 August 2019

Ів Saint-Laurent. Genital couture’є

29 August 2019, 21:00
category: movie
from 80 to 120 UAH
place: Green theatre (Shevchenko Park)

Sickle day, 21:00       The film "Genital couture’є"       Quotes:              The movie is buried in the Green Theater!       The film is about genesis and maestro love of fashion, about addiction that old life, about life, are disjointed by tragedies and unreasonable, drama and triumph.       All the page about the greatness of Saint-Laurent!              “Genital Couture’є” is a film about the remains of the legendary IV Saint-Laurent and the last fashion dym. Oliv’є Meiru Mayge, having three rockers, having denied exclusive access to the mesteren of the fashionable boutique Yves Saint Laurent, de lego legendary fellow-goddess who got his remaining rings.              The robot over the movie Bulo completed in 2001, the wider line of streloch Bula is presented more mercilessly - against the release of the picture stepping partner Saint Laurent P’єr Berger.              To get involved, that you can’t get the picture of a middle-aged and all the better, you know, I’ve got all the blockade of the VIP movie. Less than prikryntsi 2015th fate, after 7 days after the death of Saint-Laurent, Berger’s serpent’s thought and good for the picture.              "Genital couture’є" - a movie that is one way to shake one of the most beautiful figures and show the model and show the model at the usual routine - the hour of the collection and the preparation before the show. There’s a lot more, more information about one of the most original designers in our time - it’s documented that there’s an old ear of money and of a natural world. At that moment, if it’s more creative to make yourself seem unattainable, and the beautiful Yaskraviy svit, having tidied it up with a stretch of life, will rush right in front of your eyes.

The poster of the event — Ів Saint-Laurent. Genital couture’є in Green theatre