The events in Odessa at 29 August 2019

The cleverest

29 August 2019, 20:00
category: the game
50 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

Thursday is just around the corner, which means that the game "The Most Intelligent" is waiting for us soon. ️‍♂️This is a team quiz, an adapted version of the famous TV show.              The game will take place on August 29 at 20:00 in the Cherdak art buffet (Shevchenko Ave., 4E)        A team of 2 to 8 people .✍️       The cost of participation is 50 UAH. per person.       Registration here: http: //              A few rules:       The game consists of 4 rounds       1 round - 30 questions with answers to general knowledge.       2 round - each team selects one of the proposed topics, and within 4 minutes answers 10 questions on this topic.       3 round - struggle on buttons for 4 teams. A total of 10 media questions in each battle. Whoever pushed first responds.       Following the results of 3 rounds, finalists are determined, after which all points are reset to zero.       4 round finals - several fights for 4 teams, to questions on topics that the teams say to the organizers in advance. The answer to the question of your topic is 2 points, the opponent’s theme is 3 points.       The team that wins the final battle is the winner of the game.

The poster of the event — The cleverest in Location