The events in Odessa at 16 September 2019

Kіnoponedіlok / Schaslivy Lazar

16 September 2019, 19:00
category: movie
place: Urban Music Hall (Rishelyevskaya street, 33)

For the Arthouse Traffic                     The film “Happy Lazar”               Koli: 16 spring        Hour: 19:00               Prize for the best screenplay, Cannes Film Festival 2018               The time of the utterly indulgent village is dawned in the literal sense of the word. Most of the inhabitants belong to the Marquis, as mercilessly vikoristovuyu prahnu. All zmіnyuєtsya in one z vizitіv sіm'ї patrons in the village. The young aristocratic Tankredi, syn Markisi, make friends with the innocent Lazarus. Fantastic kolizії їх hundred ісунів improve the quality of the sound mess of the residents.              By what rank and to what prizdove? Дізнаємося at a blow soon in Urban Music Hall ✨               Country: Switzerland, Italy, France, Nimechchina, 2018        Timing: 128 hv         Genre: Drama       ⭐️ Director: Alice Rohrwacher        Cast: Adriano Tardiolo, Alba Rohrwacher, Aґnesa цratsіanі        Broadcast in Ukrainian                     The film “For the Vitrom”               Koli: 30 spring        Hour: 19:00               The farm is located in the middle part of the Jura canton in Switzerland. Paul and Alex realized their dream and live here in a self-sufficient harmony with nature. Love, spiritual values ​​and the work of mіtsno іх were recognized. The couple is ready to zrobit the residual crock until the next independent distribution of electricity and energy.Arrival of the pragmatic and non-turbulent engineer Samuil, who will help to install robots with the installation of a wind turbine, gliboko zvushushu Polіn. Seeing the cob itself from a nevynikaє sympathy to Samuil, and a rap Polіn vіdchuva that’s on the side, in a living. Почї almost to Samuel strong, like a hurricane, turn over ї ж ит пов .. .. .. ..              Chim zakіnchitsya іstorіya Swiss love trick-ta and a prank sens_v dіznaєmos vzhe sovsim soon ✨               Country: Switzerland, France, 2018        Timing: 88 hv         Genre: Drama       ⭐️ Director: Bettina Oberli        Broadcast my original with Ukrainian subtitles                      Entrance at the front for registration - book the room at +380989179551

The poster of the event — Kіnoponedіlok / Schaslivy Lazar in Urban Music Hall