The events in Odessa at 13 September 2019

"The Witch Story Vol.2: The Sabbath" by Anna Misyun

13 September 2019, 19:00
category: lecture
100 UAH
place: The restaurant, co-working lecture "4City" (Kanatnaya str., 27/1)

Friday the 13th. Witches gather on Bald Mountain to conspire against humanity, harm, intimidate, and do evil!              This myth, embodied in the Papal Bulls and the “Hammer of the Witches”, “Demonology” of the King of England and Scotland, Jacob I and the court records from Kamenetz-Podolsky to Salem, inspired W. Shakespeare and F. Goya, N. Gogol and M. Bulgakov, and Today it feeds thousands of films and series, carries us away and disturbs us. The Sabbath of Witches as a sociocultural phenomenon and artistic image will become the central theme of the lecture, which continues the History of Witches.              ☑ How did an incredible political and administrative action lasting almost 200 years - the “witch hunt” become possible?       ☑ Why is one witch “not enough” for a court case, but do you need a sabbath and a pact with One whom you cannot call?       ☑ What is the role of sexuality in the image of a witch?       ☑ Did the Inquisition really “spoil” the gene pool of Europeans, and at the same time Americans?       ☑ Yes, and why, even before the threat of death, did the suspects proudly claim that they were, after all, powerful and harmful witches?              About 13 friends of Leonard (demon patron sabbath) and Places of witch power in Europe, complete disbelief of Ukrainian and Italian judges of the XVII - XVIII centuries. in the very fact of witchcraft existence, Poltava witches of Gogol and much more in a lecture by Anna Misyun, associate professor of the Department of Cultural Studies, Art History and Philosophy of Culture of ONPU, candidate of art history.              When: Friday, September 13, 7 p.m.       Where: 4City, st. Cable, 27/1Cost of participation: 100 UAH (payment by card or on the spot)       Registration (required):        For all questions: 0930789587, Katerina.

The poster of the event — "The Witch Story Vol.2: The Sabbath" by Anna Misyun in The restaurant, co-working lecture "4City"