The events in Odessa at 14 September 2019

Laksharchana - chanting the Divine names

14 September 2019, 18:00
category: group training
free donation
place: Ayurvedic Spa "Shanti" (Sadovaya street, 16)

Welcoming space Shanti with the support of the Charitable Foundation "Sarvodaya" invites you to practice Laksharchana - the repetition of divine names, which will be held on Saturday 14 September at 18.00 The practice arrives to Ukraine Laksharchana team from London, including Chandra Sodha, devotee of SAI Baba, its mission is to carry out these practices around the world. This will be the first trip of Chandra Sodhi with Laksharchana abroad, prior to that, she conducted Laksharchana only in the UK (London, Bristol). From Chandra at home in London constantly occurring miracles. In her profile on Facebook you can see their confirmation And drew the Nanka Dhroeh Nankoe musician, singer, songwriter, practitioner of mantra yoga for 50 years, author of books about children's yoga teacher. Drew was the first graduate of the class of Indian music at the European Conservatoire of Rotterdam. UN messenger of peace. Participant and winner of numerous festivals and competitions. What is Laksharchana? ARCHANA means "chanting and glorifying the Divine name." LAC means "one hundred thousand". Accordingly, LAKSHARCHANA means a group practice of chanting the name of God in the form of mantras. This is a unique and very powerful practice, it is necessary to participate, to feel the fullness of vibrations during the reading of the mantra to the end. Many who had previously participated in the practice, said that after their problem was solved. Charitable Foundation" Sarvodaya " created on the initiative of Larisa Bondarenko (Bondarenko Larisa) (Larisa Bondarenko) and Saishvararama Shiva-Shakti Putra for helping people in difficult situations. Positive change we start with ourselves and want our people there was more happiness and kindness. The format of participation in the practice of Laksharchana - heart offering (donan) The funds raised will be donated to the Foundation for implementation of its programmes. Registration is required / the link More detail about Laksharchana practice, you can learn by signing up to the group Laksharchana in Ukraine Organizational questions, you can ask the administrator (050) 44 56 253 (067) 911 52 22 (048) 722 83 03 Namaste.

The poster of the event — Laksharchana - chanting the Divine names in Ayurvedic Spa "Shanti"