The events in Odessa at 14 September 2019

Photographic tour "shadows of forgotten ancestors"

14 September 2019, 05:00
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2600 UAH
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The project invites SUNCATCHERS September 14-15 photographic tour "shadows of forgotten ancestors". Accompanied by a group of professional photographer landscape - Igor Gerzhik to respond to all the issues associated with shooting wildlife, but will also produce a review with recommendations for getting artistic shots. Start from Odessa on September 14 at 05:15. Begin your journey photography dawn on Hadzhibeevskom estuary. Tasting Breakfast cooked on the fire, we moved to the most remote corner of the Odessa region - Shershentsi. According to local is a real Paradise for lovers of untouched nature. Due to the mountainous landscape, which is called Odessa Karpaty. The purpose of our trip - shooting sunrise and sunset at the old mill in the village Budei. And we meet the amazing family who chose a life in the country, revival of national crafts. The couple has chickens, ducks and prepare food from vegetables grown on the plot. It wife Skoryk – Dmitry and Hope will make us a celebratory dinner which will be held under the sounds of the local brass band. Believe me, like nothing you have seen or heard. The family have arranged a small cheese – so that those interested will be able to purchase organic dairy products at factory price. But before lunch we will have a tour of the picturesque corners of Odessa region, located on the border with Transnistria: "Codissia borders on Vinnytsia region and Transdniestria, which resulted in a special flavor and originality of the folk culture of this region. Since ancient times this area was inhabited by Ukrainians, Moldovans, Romanians, Jews, and the city Kodyma before the war was the Jewish town. Until the mid-twentieth century, the village in which we live, were famous for their stone carvings, which is why our time has preserved many carved crosses near the "Holy krinizi", and the old cemetery of XIX century – historical value of the village. To this day in the memory of the villagers still have memories of the local pan – count Sumarokov-Lstone, a Frenchman by birth. The buildings of the estate and obustroenny them "Panska krynytsa" — sights Chershintsev." (materials taken from the site About this and so much more interesting, we'll tell Dmitry. And will end and begin the next day: shooting at the wind mill - hardwood ten-ton with a wingspan of 16 meters. This unique building, Dating from the 18th century, the only preserved in the Odessa region. Then, after Breakfast, we will conduct a review and we'll start moving to Odessa, surveying on the subject of game viewing, scenic marshes, where there is a hunting base. Accommodation in 2-bed rooms. Arrival to Odessa 15 Sep to 21:00. Who will be interested in the trip: first of all, who loves photography, although, not keen photographers a great opportunity to admire the best views and locations, since focusing on photography, we strive to visit beautiful and photogenic places. Yeah, and take you on a camera or phone for our company it does not matter. The main thing that you were passionate about photography and loved to travel. To our tour members to join from other cities. A gathering place and farewell group will give Odessa. Join us! You will have an unforgettable journey! The price 2600 UAH. The price includes: - travel by minibus along the route; - accommodation in 2-bed rooms - two /three meals a day (Breakfast, lunch and dinner first day and Breakfast lunch second); - theoretical lessons and consultations of landscape photographer - performance of brass band - tour of villages - support group organizer Excluded: - personal expenses, meals - the third meal on the second day - additional expenses not included in the price Accompanying photographer: Igor Gerzhik - co-founder of the Odessa photographic Association, photojournalist, biologist, and traveler. Is a member of the National Union of photographers of Ukraine. Participant and winner of numerous prestigious contests. In order to get to the tour you need to register: And we will contact you for further details. Recommendations when choosing the necessary things, a detailed schedule of the tour each participant receives in electronic form after the formation of the group. Questions on tel: 067 48 30 474 (Irina Lugovenko - organizer and accompanying tour)

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