The events in Odessa at 12 September 2019

Giuseppe Verdi "Aida"

12 September 2019, 18:30
category: play
from 50 to 300 UAH
place: The Opera and ballet theatre (Tchaikovsky lane, 1)

Giuseppe Verdi Opera in 4 acts (with two intermissions) Duration: 3 hours 20 minutes Performed in Italian Musical Director and conductor- the main conductor of theatre Alexander Samoila Stage Director – Carlo Antonio de Lucia (Italy) Art Director – Polimeno Alessandra (Italy) Choirmaster-the Director – the main formater of the theater, honored artist of Ukraine Leonid Butenko Choreographer – honored artist of Russia Yuri vasyuchenko The first performance of the current version of Opera was held at the Theater square June 1, 2012 during the opening ceremony of I International festival of the arts in the Odessa Opera. The story of the creation of Giuseppe Verdi's Opera "Aida" began in 1868. While in Egypt preparing for the opening of the Suez canal and the Opera house in Cairo. For the celebrations of the Egyptian government offered the Maestro Verdi to write an Opera on their national story. Verdi rejected an unexpected order. He was not even interested in a fee of 30 thousand dollars (currently about 200 thousand dollars), which was offered by the Egyptians. But after meeting with her only student, and the Emanuella Muzio returned before that from Egypt, and other Camille du Locle, Verdi thought, on the proposal of the Egyptians. The legend from which was born the plot of "Aida", Mozio heard from the famous French Egyptologist Auguste Mariette, which he had read on ancient papyrus. Less than five months it took the composer to write an Opera, and then a year had to wait for the premiere in Cairo. Because of the hostilities it was impossible to transport costumes, props and stage machinery, which was made in Paris. And then, finally, on 24 December 1871 "Aida" was released. The public has enthusiastically accepted the Opera. But Verdi did not go to the premiere in Cairo. More important to him was staged at La Scala, which was to be held in 40 days. Composer was rehearsing with the performers, who then sang in Milan, Teresa Stolz, Maria Waldmann, Giuseppe Fancelli, Ormandy Maina and Francesco Pandolfini; met with conductor Franco Faccio. "Aida" is a passionate anthem of youth, a poem about the love of two young hearts, composed by an old man. In it Verdi managed to combine, as noted by Massimo Mila, "the innate powers of the soul and Garibaldi the courage of his inspiration with the maturity of the spiritual world, in-depth many years of life experience, and perfection achieved persistent and difficult search."

The poster of the event — Giuseppe Verdi "Aida" in The Opera and ballet theatre