The events in Odessa at 15 September 2019

Open lesson "Energopitanie as a tool for understanding the world"

15 September 2019, 11:00
category: seminar/training
place: Yoga Studio "by Jogada" (Marshala Govorova, 18a)

Open lesson "Energopitanie as a tool for understanding the world" will give You a real chance to touch the mysteries and wonders of this world! To see the subtle world, energy shell of a man, animals, plants, objects and their interactions! Practice energopitanija suitable for the needs of modern man. Anyone who is interested: the accumulation of energy, the ability to distinguish between the impact energy and stamina, healing! And where there's talent, You ask? To achieve your potential, you need energy and how to control it! Coming to us is an amazing man, a Great master Sergey Kolesnikov — founder of a network of yoga studios "Sadhana", which will help You to not only see your true nature, but show that this can and should be done! Look forward to seeing You in all the projections:)) in Jagadam is the place where yoga lives September 15 at 11:00. The program of the seminar: 11:00 - 12:30 — introduction and presentation of the practice of vision of the human energy field At the end of the open classes You will have the opportunity to attend private consultations with the master. Admission is free ☎I ask questions, and to register for the seminar you can call: +38 048 709 108 5 +38 093 000 38 39 +38 096 242 31 56

The poster of the event — Open lesson "Energopitanie as a tool for understanding the world" in Yoga Studio "by Jogada"