The events in Odessa at 14 September 2019

IV international Women's an Effective Forum

14 September 2019, 10:00
category: forum
from 500 to 700 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

We invite you to participate in the IV International Effective Women's Forum on gender equality as a factor of building a safe and tolerant society. Forum topic: "the Role of women in decision-making: business, society and the state" "Effective international women's forum" brings together everyone who loves Ukraine and wants it to flourish! Who understands that gender equality is not a fashionable "chip", and one of the many problems that hinder the country in its civilizational growth! For all who want that our children lived, studied and worked on their land, and never left it in search of a better life! For those who are willing to exert personal effort to recreate a better future for their country! THE CONTENT OF THE FORUM: ✅Solution to the problem of self-realization of women in society. ✅Increase the role and participation of women in political processes in Ukraine. ✅Develop strategies and recommendations for optimization of Ukrainian gender policy in the common political self-realization of women. ✅Discussion of the tools of involving women in socio-economic development of society, in decision-making in business ✅The collective justification of the legal and institutional framework ensuring the participation of women in political, economic life of the country ✅International experience and the most successful cases of political self-realization of women at the national and international levels. ✅Increase in the activity of women in socio-economic development of society through knowledge and objective assessment of the historical contribution of women in the process of transformation of Ukrainian statehood. ✅The social networking of women organizations from all over Ukraine QUESTIONS FORUM: ❓The resistance of society on the mental level to incorporate gender equality in politics and ways to overcome it. ❓How to build effective partnerships in the business at the level of the Board of Directors ❓How and where to obtain experience in implementing best practices in expanding economic and political opportunities and women's rights. ❓How to build effective partnership of the public with the state authorities and local self-government. ❓The development and implementation of advocacy and educational initiatives and activities aimed at the implementation of full political and electoral rights of women ❓The adoption of measures and actions that will encourage women to participate more actively in various political processes and social movements The FORUM PROGRAM (abbreviated) ✔1st day: "the Role of women in decision-making: business, society and the state" The format of the thematic discussion panels, business communication. ✔2nd day: the "Women's action in the history of Ukraine" Actualization of the issue of fair and objective assessment of the historical contribution of women to the development of Ukraine Project Center Anne of Kiev (SNLs, France) platform for the establishment of a dialogue between Ukraine and Western Europe and the realization of cultural, artistic, scientific and educational projects. as an important signal that Ukraine became part of Europe a thousand years ago. Master class Solo performance of "Anne of Kiev – Queen of France" (the confession of a woman) (Cherkasy drama theatre) ⛱Clambake format networking ✅How to participate? 1. To fill out an application Accommodation for participants of the Forum in the application 2. To pay the registration fee for two days of the forum 700 UAH, one day – 500 UAH. Card PrivatBank 5363542306234957 The registration fee includes: Handouts, coffee breaks, lunch, gala-dinner For the media: Accreditation the link Where? Health resort Belaya Akatsiya, French Boulevard, 59 Phone organizer +380 67 483 82 04

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