The events in Odessa at 12 September 2019

Drawing and painting 5+ from Yalanzhi Education

12 September 2019, 16:00
category: the courses
2000 UAH
place: Shop children's books "Big BUCK" (Ekaterininskaya str, 27/1 - TTS "Kadorr")

The program is designed with emphasis on the development of imagination, broaden their horizons and exercise line, the perception of shapes and colors.We learn the simplest things, such as whole srisovyvanie stains, preparatory pencil drawing, and more complicated color gradation, sketching ( which help to form your idea and fix it), work with form and object recognition. Jobs is designed for different techniques and materials, the introduction and development of painting, drawing, mixed media, decorative and applied art. . The aim of the course: ● develop imagination of the child; ● to teach how to properly handle the materials; ● to broaden their horizons; ● training line, perception of shape, spots and color; ● identify the location of the children to a particular way of painting/graphics Syllabus: 1 lesson Historic castle. Magic castle. Watercolor with completion by pen or colored pencils.(the antiquated effect). 2 lesson Marine still life. Gouache. 3 lesson Aquatopia. Spots for improvement. The development of creative vision. Gouache. Plastic. 4 lesson Feature of light. Candle. Lantern. Crayons and watercolor. 5 lesson Page a painted herbarium. Sketches from nature. 6 lesson "Netnography" using threads to get an interesting image, with further revision. Ink(gouache, watercolor). Monochrome work. 7 lesson "Under the surface", leaves, grass and the underworld. 8 lesson "Who lives in the forest? ". Watercolor. ✎ Start on 12 September (on Thursdays), 16:00-17:30 A group of up to 10 people. Age: 5+ Level of training - any. The course consists of 8 lessons. Course cost - 2000 UAH. All materials are included in the price. Open the second group of the course drawing and painting ( Mondays): Information about teacher : Egorova Ekaterina (Katya Yegorova). Graduated of ogkhu of. Grekova and Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts. Graphic artist. Actively participates in art projects and exhibitions. Record by phone: 073 320 17 42 Odessa, Catherine 27/1 TC Kadir, 5th floor Our partners and friends a Big BEECH Yalanzhi Education

The poster of the event — Drawing and painting 5+ from Yalanzhi Education in Shop children's books "Big BUCK"