The events in Odessa at 14 September 2019

Course design and urban development. City of the present 8+

14 September 2019, 15:30
category: the courses
3200 UAH
place: Shop children's books "Big BUCK" (Ekaterininskaya str, 27/1 - TTS "Kadorr")

Architecture and urban studies are the foundation on which the living environment is built. Each parent wishes existence for his children in a comfortable, harmonious environment. To do this, you need to learn to understand and change the space from childhood.       The main message of the course is to convey to the child the understanding that his environment, everything that he sees around him is not an axiom. To be able to see the beauty and imperfection of this environment, to learn about how it develops and develops in order to subsequently have an influence on it, is very important, regardless of the future profession.              Course Objective:       ● teach children to see and shape the space in which they live;       ● develop aesthetic literacy and creativity of the child;       ● teach you how to handle materials;       ● broaden horizons;       ● develop critical thinking and oratory skills;                The first practical task of the course is the creation of a sketch layout of alternative Odessa, with the architectural ideas of children. Learning teamwork and non-template thinking.       The main project of the course is a model of its own city. Children will learn how cities and natural landscapes work, ask questions, experiment and design their urban environment.       Upon completion of the course - presentation of projects. Young architects learn to defend ideas and formulate thoughts.              Class Schedule:       15:15 - gathering children;       15: 30-15.50 - discussion of the material covered, the lesson plan and general tasks. Communicative game;       15: 50-16: 30 - theoretical information;16.30-17.00 - create sketches;       16.30-17.00 - a break and tea drinking;       17:00 - 17:15 - gymnastics on concentration "Body architecture";       17: 15-18: 50 - the practical part;       18: 50-19: 00 - summarize the lesson; we exchange impressions, thoughts.              Course program:              Lesson 1. Acquaintance. Lecture "History of Urban Planning". Sketch "City of the future."              Lesson 2. Theory "Fundamentals of modern city planning." Sketch of the plan of Odessa.              Lesson 3. We talk about the basics of prototyping. Teamwork: outline sketch of alternative Odessa.              Lesson 4. Theory "Zoning of urban space." Development and planning of your city concept.              Lesson 5. Talking about relief. Getting started with an individual layout of the city.       Lecture "Typology of buildings; shapes and volumes". A sketch of an architectural dominant.              Lesson 6. We are talking about the basics of materials science. Design and installation of buildings on the layout.              Lesson 7. Gardening. We are talking about ecology, the idea of ​​a "green city", landscape design. We green our cities. Installation of architectural dominance.              Lesson 8. Final work on the layout. Discussion. Photography              Lesson 9. Team presentation of the general layout of the updated Odessa. Presentation of individual projects              Teachers of the course:       Olga Chernysheva (Fewer Fever)       Architect-designer, teaching experience for more than five years.       Alexander Loginov (Alexander Loginov (Alexander Loginov))architect, founder of the architectural studio LAO              ✎ Start on September 14 (Saturdays),       15: 30-18: 30       Group up to 10 people       Age: 8+       The level of training is any.       The course is designed for 8 lessons + presentation of projects.       The cost of 3200 UAH., Including materials.              Recording by phone: 073 320 17 42       Odessa, Catherine 27/1       shopping center Kadorr, 5th floor       Our partners and friends of the Big Beech

The poster of the event — Course design and urban development. City of the present 8+ in Shop children's books "Big BUCK"