The events in Odessa at 14 September 2019

Autumn Gesheft Garage Sale

14 September 2019, 11:00
category: more
from 80 to 100 UAH
place: Green theatre (Shevchenko Park)

We promised not to say goodbye for a long time, and while August is in the yard, we are already mentally diving in September.       It is amazing how autumn reveals in us the desire to create and learn. How the colors and shades of September nature evoke a mood that you want to follow. This time of year is always about real inspiration and pure creativity. We present terracotta, blank canvas, astringency, velvet season in the weather forecast and clothing textures.        September 14-15, Gesheft will again be held at the Green Theater.       We will explore what inspires and follow what fills. Add abstraction, improvisation and free creativity. We will draw and sculpt, listen and dance, study and observe. Of course, get acquainted with new designers and makers, taking home a part of the festival and sharing the joy of these warm autumn days.        We will be glad to meet old friends again and make new friends. See you very soon on the autumn Gesheft.              The festival program is coming soon.              Entrance: 80 and 100 UAH (1 and both days). Children under 12 years old accompanied by an adult do not need an entrance ticket.              Address: Odessa, Green Theater (Marazlievskaya St., 1E)       September 14 and 15 from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.              Check in:Want to be part of the festival? Applications are accepted by mail indicating the name of the project, its description, links to it on social networks and / or the site, be sure to photographs of products and booths. Planning to participate for the first time? Feel free to email us. This time we leave a separate quota of places for new creative projects in the theme of the festival.

The poster of the event — Autumn Gesheft Garage Sale in Green theatre