The events in Odessa at 17 September 2019

Cultural exchange programme. Uzhhorod – Odessa. Familiarity

17 September 2019, 16:00
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place: The restaurant, co-working lecture "4City" (Kanatnaya str., 27/1)

The program of interregional cultural exchange. Event. Uzhhorod – Odessa. Acquaintance. Why? Building cultural bridges between regions. Introduce between people, organizations, regions. To know and understand. We already had 4 powerful forums in different parts of Ukraine: Donbaskoyi – in Kiev and Lviv, Galcial – in Kharkiv and Clobetasol – in Uzhgorod and Mukachevo. Each of them was unforgettable cultural event for the cities hosting the forum, and for those who "showed themselves". - Tell about Odessa cultural landscape and life of Transcarpathia. - Share the experience of previous forums. In a year – we will create exhibitions, performances, concerts, films, and other projects together in collaboration and cooperation: the Director of Uzhgorod, the actors of Odessa; musicians – from Mukachevo, soloist of the Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, etc. - Attract the partner institutions, locations, formal and informal groups, outstanding personalities in the organization of the Cultural Forum of the Carpathians in Odessa in 2020. - Find partners, friends, colleagues, associates. Together hold a forum on the Carpathians in Odessa, and in 2021 will start a forum Odesa region-Bessarabia from another region! Whom do we invite? - Bearers - Representatives of cultural and educational institutions: galleries, museums, theatres, art schools, clubs, hubs ... - Representatives of all branches of government, who consider the culture – media, regional and city departments of education and culture What do we do? September 17 at 16.00 in 4City going to meet. Talking about the idea of cultural forums as were the first 4 and we arrived to Odessa. 18 September at 10.00 in the 4City will learn deeper and wider. Talking about stereotypes and view each other. We invite you to participate in the workshops and programme facilitation. Travel with cultural maps Uzhgorod and Odessa (14:00). From 15.00 to 19.00 – communicate in smaller groups . Odessa invites Transcarpathians the next day to visit his city (to their locations in cool and interesting places, to the sea). 19 Sep Transcarpathia explore Odessa with the help of its inhabitants. We hope that this will begin to occur a partnership tandems Transcarpathia – Odessa. September 20, Transcarpathians will travel the Odessa region (Belgorod-Dniester). September 21 at 10.00 in the 4City begin work on the program of the future forum. On this day, hope to see those citizens who experience the enthusiasm and inspiration to work with our team on creating the program of the forum of the Carpathians in Kyiv. Those who share our system of values, work style and willing to devote their free time during the year, work on the forum. With these people we will work until 19.00 on the first vision of the project forum. Invite them to Uzhgorod in October (21 – 25 October). In order to receive an invitation to a meeting on September 17, you need to register at the link by 15 September. September 16, you will receive an invitation in the mail (when registering please provide the email that you monitor regularly). The program is supported by the international Fund "Revival" and #Saptronic, #programador #granary

The poster of the event — Cultural exchange programme. Uzhhorod – Odessa. Familiarity in The restaurant, co-working lecture "4City"