The events in Odessa at 13 September 2019


13 September 2019, 19:00
category: concert
250 UAH
place: Art-cafe "More Music Club" (Pushkinskaya str., 75)

The Uvula team that you love so much is returning to Ukraine. To make you love them even more. And to present a new album.              “Uvula” started at the end of 2017, instantly falling in love with us with its sincerity and sound. Sad lyrics, a dreamy drumpop, a dynamic rhythm section and all the ensuing - they are spoken of as one of the most interesting indie bands right now, and it's hard to argue with that.              Comparisons with The Smiths, epithets “romantic”, “beautiful”, “flying”. So they write about them, but we prefer to listen.              Tickets:

The poster of the event — Uvula in Art-cafe "More Music Club"