The events in Odessa at 16 September 2019

ProductMan Online

16 September 2019, 19:00
category: the courses
place: IAMPM (Rishelyevskaya street, 33)

Practical course on development of IT products that solve problems. During the lessons you will pass from the stage of idea generation to create their own product and its protection to investors. You will not only understand the theory, but to immediately use the received knowledge in practice, pumping the product of the company or creating a startup under the guidance of experienced teachers. The course consists of 13 webinars, one offline the master class, personal work with mentors and to protect their own project. WHO BENEFITS FROM THIS COURSE: ◼ Heads products ◼ Startups ◼ Project managers ◼ Business executives ◼ Marketers ◼ Employees of food companies SYLLABUS: ✔ Introductory lesson. Where can I get an idea for a product? ✔ Workshop “Design thinking” ✔ Marketing ✔ Customer development and UX research ✔ Business model and Canvas ✔ Lean startup and monetization ✔ Development of a financial model ✔ Investors. Preparation for market ✔ Product spec and backlog ✔ Sales and first users ✔ Tips Product Manager-u ✔ Completion of projects. Rehearsal of presentations ✔ Final presentation products. The awarding of certificates. Speakers:  Andrew King – Product Manager in EduNav, American product for education. Andrew managed products and projects in different areas such as health and medicine, mobile applications, oil and gas industry and logistics. Certified Project Manager Professional (by PMI) since 2012.  Denis Kulik is a Product Manager in the team Spark (one of the flagship products of the company Readdle). . This knowledge was used to design and marketing teams to develop Spark for Teams. On course Denis to share their knowledge and practices, which uses the Readdle team for Customer Development and UX Research.  Ruslan Nazarenko – Mentor at Google Launchpad, Head of Growth at the Let's Enhance and the Founder of Quokka. Specialist for promotion on foreign markets and marketing automation. Like no one else knows how to work with attendance, conversions and other metrics to ensure maximum growth. Will hold a master class on metrics and talk about the market fit and how to work with Analytics to get the result.  Eugene Dychko Marketer in Talkable, worked as a visual editor from Depositphotos. Marketer with 7 years experience in digital marketing, copywriting and PR. Developed communication strategy for brands and Depositphotos Crello. Autorka articles and guides for, Lifehacker, Cossa, MarketingProfs, Outbrain,  Yulia Zagoruiko – 15 years in IT. Product Manager in ProcessMaker and Co-Founder at Gallantra Business Intelligence. Certified Agile Professional and SAFe specialis. Led different projects and products and all tried to implement agile practices.  Course starts: 16 September Registration and details:

The poster of the event — ProductMan Online in IAMPM