The events in Odessa at 15 September 2019


15 September 2019, 19:00
category: play
from 80 to 120 UAH
place: Jewish Cultural Center "Beit Grand" (ul Nezhinskaya 77/79)

WHOM DOES VARTO PITI FOR VISTA Primari?       1. Lack of glance at the classic drama       2. Vidpochinok for souls, aesthetics for eyes, a robot for the brain       3. Choreography, music, vocals enchant so that right now, minutely I want to come and see and see              “Primari is the dance and vocal mastery behind the motives of the Pisi Lesi Ukrainy” Lisova Pisnya ”. Independently for those who have opened a young, ambitious TEMP team and have left them for a while, their entire Primary series has become a participant in the international theater festival "Milk 2019".              Primari - tse is unremarkable for his new production. Why? Axis for you fact:              - manifestation of two pairs of Mavka and Lukash: one of the current, one of the last; one dance, one dance; one have pardoned;              - significant part of the text is transformed into plastic, dance chi pisnyu              - write, like sounding in Vista - all the text from the text "Letters" on the music (and I know the same young, professional composer)              I already have a bagato of the Inshogo, which is to blame for the warto її.

The poster of the event — Primari in Jewish Cultural Center "Beit Grand"