The events in Odessa at 12 September 2019

Poetic evening of Anna Scherbak

12 September 2019, 19:00
category: literary evening
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place: Creative space "Heat" (Bolshaya Arnautskaya str., 59)

Absolute silent abyss. And caustic blood flows from tightly bandaged open thighs.       Step by step, sigh by sigh, half-sober reality is folded into two, four, eight, sixteen ...              I don’t know which one to survive in, perish, to stay with you. And when there are several hundred of them, -              Identical, right- and left-biased, half-asleep, at the tips of fingers bent in rage,              I want to stop, finally, rushing around. I'm looking for broken meanings among turtles, ashes and smoke,              I understand that this is irreversible. The fallen stars died, and the abyss howls and howls.              We stand on the thorny fragments of the Universe, and there are two of us. Everyone is me, everyone is you. And our nature is indivisible.              What should kill us - everything rushes past, it remains to stick out harpoons in the conscious layer.              You and I are safe. And still there are two of us. And still the night howls. And they fly through the century, a little whistling arrows.              The world in aspirations to kill is completely brave. I would have to temper malice or become unscathed by night, by the moment              Where spring will turn into bloody summer. Where fate grows into fractals. Where the color of death is not black, but white.              I am cruel, and I never knew how to wait. I would just tear the ribbon between us at the finish.              It is better to imagine the poetess only her work ... September 12 at 19:00 in the cozy art space TEPLO will be a creative evening of the poetess from Kharkov - Anna Scherbak.Who is Anna Scherbak, you ask? Come and learn, meet, love. This evening there will be many miracles, revelations, love and immense sensual energy. We are waiting for you!              Free Donation Login              WHERE?       Creative space HEAT       B. Arnautskaya 59              LIMITED NUMBER OF SEATS!       Register here:              Please come on time!              Of good!

The poster of the event — Poetic evening of Anna Scherbak in Creative space "Heat"