The events in Odessa at 13 September 2019

Fabio Ioannisci Band (Italy)

13 September 2019, 19:00
category: party
place: Jazz club "Perron №7" (Malaya Arnautskaya St., 56)

The fiery Italian rock-n-rolic, whose scenic drive and frenzy would have envied themselves the Rolling Stones again in Odessa! September 13, unleash the all the naughty emotions for a rollicking evening of Blues and rock-n-roll along with Fabio Ioannisci, a charming bully, whose courage behavior on stage is amazing! Founded over 10 years ago, an Italian Blues band Fabio quickly became the scene of jazz - and Blues-festivals and went on to conquer the world, playing for its musical history for more than 1000 concerts in different continents, from the United States to India. His music is a powerful synthesis of Boogie, country and rock-n-roll. His songs give birth and "get" the audience at the first notes of thanks to the coherence and insane energy talented showman. The degree of "burn" at concerts certainly reaches "Fabio plays the piano with their feet" (no tool was hurt). Enjoy the most loved Blues and rock-n-rollnyj music performed by the fiery Fabio and his band! Reserve the best seats in advance and get free shipping: (048) 737 47 00

The poster of the event — Fabio Ioannisci Band (Italy) in Jazz club "Perron №7"