The events in Odessa at 14 September 2019

Scam of the 90s and Odessa scammers

14 September 2019, 12:00
category: tour
130 UAH
place: Association workshops "Bunch" (Bolshaya Arnautskaya, 45/47)

WHEN: September 14 (Saturday).       WHERE: we start from the monument to Babel (at the corner of Rishelievskaya and Zhukovsky streets).       STARTED at 11:45.              WHAT WILL BE: a walking tour of the city center, stories about famous Odessa scammers, bandits and other adventurers.              WE WILL SEE: the largest fresco in Ukraine and the house where criminal authorities lived, scammed and the first commission was located, as well as a bunch of exclusive photos.              LEARN:          how Odessa residents deceived the experts of the Louvre;          how the scammers worked 80-90-xx;         where the James Bond prototype lived;          where the smuggling was unloaded;         Ак how to do things Mishka Yaponchik, Sonya Golden pen and much more.              We’ll also learn how to play 90s hits)): “Thimbles”, “Zariki” and “Two Loops”.              DURATION: 1.5-2 hours.       PRICE: 130 UAH.              Limited number of seats! Record by phone 0982929877).

The poster of the event — Scam of the 90s and Odessa scammers in Association workshops "Bunch"