The events in Odessa at 14 September 2019

Balloon Festival + Fantasy Park in Uman

14 September 2019, 11:45
category: tour
from 650 to 690 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

WHEN: September 14 (Saturday) - 1 day       ROUTE: Odessa-Uman-Odessa              If you REGISTER at this link, we will take a convenient seat for you on the bus).               Hooray! We are going to Uman for the largest-scale international balloon festival "Mongolf'єrіya" in Ukraine! Incredible flights await us, a vivid show in the sky and food courts.              We will also visit Novaya Sofiyivka. This is the only fantasy arboretum in Eastern Europe! It combines different cultures, nature and modern 3D technology.              See        light music art installation        3D mapping show "Soul of the Forest"        waterfalls        heroes of Ukrainian mythology        Japanese garden with a lake        rock garden        sculptures of samurai and ninja;        garden of fountains and much more.              11:45 - going to the Italian Boulevard opposite the house number 6 (near Kulikova field);       12:00 - we leave Odessa;       16.00 - we arrive in Uman to the festival of balloons with a food court;       17:00 - start of flights. We will be able to fly in a balloon ourselves (2990 UAH / person);       20:00 - evening glow of balloons;       21:00 - we move to the park "New Sofiyivka";       22:00 - the beginning of 3D shows - fountains, installations;       23:00 - we get on the bus and return to Odessa;       03:00 - we arrive at the railway station.              PRICE: 690 UAH for adults and 650 UAH for children              Included in the price       ✅ transport service;       ✅ entrance to the arboretum "New Sofievka";✅ accompaniment by a company representative.              The price DOES NOT INCLUDE:       ✅ personal expenses;       ✅ nutrition;       ✅ additional services.              Record by phone 098 005 01 03.

The poster of the event — Balloon Festival + Fantasy Park in Uman in Location