The events in Odessa at 12 September 2019

Art project "Chronicles of Movchaznoy MISTA" painting grafika collage

12 September 2019, 18:00
category: exhibition
place: Shopping center "Victory Gardens" (Akademicheskaya str, 28)

The skin is more alive as it is for its own special lives, as the people are very much relived by the period of youth to adulthood. Vіd rozkvіtu і rozvitku, before the tragic replenishment of the non-Western, and inіdі all іmіshuєєєsya undetermined perekhіdnyh perіodіv.       What transformation do I have at the middle of a megalopolis, which step are cunning crooks about unintentionality, non-indifference?       Misto behave to yourself precisely yudo lyudina, then cry out loudly for help, then boast about and show off your demon’s past, and atone’s closure, may you be quiet, let out your peace and quiet. In many ways, the post of Misto is a living folding organism before the critical eye of history, you can arrange your writing and writing, then put the gift box in the chronicle, describing the reality through the prism of experienced gifts. What are we worried about, if we don’t have a canoe, it’s not a question of praising us, marveling at Vikno, who on the screen of gadgets is not visible on the same street as me? Chi є us scho tell one alone, simply, in person? We are very much in love and positive, marveling at the middle-aged middle-house at the little ones of beauty, but it’s often bachimo, since it’s our most beautiful country. All of this is more than possible because of selflessness and impersonal silence in the windows of straight-line and kind construction. Stink to play with the cold glare of a muddy cliff, to vividly express ourselves with the advertisements, and to destroy us in a row abstraction to ourselves.Warehouse art projectє 20 paintings to paintings and graphs in acrylic, oligo, and collage techniques, repetitive artwork in leather paintings, short short song in prolonged period of period of life.

The poster of the event — Art project "Chronicles of Movchaznoy MISTA" painting grafika collage in Shopping center "Victory Gardens"