The events in Odessa at 15 September 2019

Swing on the 14th floor

15 September 2019, 20:00
category: extreme
400 UAH
place: Location (specified when registering)

We invite the most daring and active to make an unforgettable jump on a dynamic rope from the Tower in Odessa with a height of 47 m!       Everyone can experience or remember that incredible sense of flight that occurs during a jump and free fall.       The height of the tower is 47 meters. - this is more than enough to fill your body with adrenaline and unforgettable impressions.       Photos donated by our operators for a long time will remind you of one of the crazy things in life)              THE PROGRAM INCLUDES:       Leap;       Photo and video shooting;       Briefing;       Insurance;       Certificate of Jump.              Jump cost       The cost of the jump is 400 UAH.              If you briefly answer the most frequently asked question about safety, then we can say that an integral, high-strength safety system very smoothly and evenly distributes the small load that the participant experiences during braking after the flight. The jump according to the “inclined dynamic base” scheme excludes any overloads, jerks and uncomfortable sensations during braking. You will find Only an unforgettable feeling of free fall and flight.              Age restriction: for children under 18 in the presence of parents or with their permission.       Weight limit of 100 kg.              People in alcoholic / drug intoxication are not allowed to jump.              The organizers reserve the right to change the date of jumps depending on weather conditions.An experienced team of instructors, organizers and operators always works with participants. The most stringent safety precautions are always observed at the facility; a full check of the equipment is carried out before jumping.       The number of participants is always limited - an appointment is required!       Prepayment - 200 UAH!              Call: +380981704404 and +380630702722

The poster of the event — Swing on the 14th floor in Location