The events in Odessa at 12 September 2019

Resurgam (Minsk) + Sundown, RS, Mrazota

12 September 2019, 21:00
category: party
100 UAH
place: Art-cafe "More Music Club" (Pushkinskaya str., 75)

Unexpected Thursday evening in September Odessa!       On our first visit to a dirty but beautiful pearl by the sea, guys from the Belarusian capital, the hero city of Minsk, will visit us.              Metallized hardcore from RESURGAM.       Hardcore in the spirit of the early 90s from Sundown.Hardcore.       Slow and powerful stoner rock from Ritual Service.       Krast / hardcore punk from the group MRAZOTA.              Do not rush to go home this Thursday, waiting for Friday. Spend this evening with friends and acquaintances, supporting a touring group and a local hardcore scene!              Entrance 100 UAH

The poster of the event — Resurgam (Minsk) + Sundown, RS, Mrazota in Art-cafe "More Music Club"