The events in Odessa at 15 September 2019

Walk on the Raid Breakwater

15 September 2019, 12:00
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 September 15 (12.00) - Vorontsovsky Lighthouse              A walk along the Raid Breakwater - the “path to the sea”, will give you an unforgettable experience - a feeling of drive and involvement in something mysterious, lightness and joy from the sea breeze. Flocks of hunting dolphins, at a distance of just 20 meters, will joyfully greet you - the new conquerors of the trail, and many gulls - the perennial owners of the pier, will reluctantly give way to one of the main symbols of Odessa. In the entire history of the development of Odessa and the port, this is perhaps the only place where until 2011 the foot of a tourist did not set foot.              The snow-white tower built in the middle of the Odessa Gulf, steep steps to the very water, night red fire - all this creates a peculiar halo of romance around the Vorontsov lighthouse, long remembered by Odessa residents and guests of the city of different generations. And few Odessa residents know that the modern Vorontsov lighthouse, which is called the light in the window of the Odessa Gulf, had two other brothers of the same name, and before them there was their own background to this famous building. You will hear about all this during the excursion program, and you will also have the opportunity to take unique pictures of the famous sights of Odessa.              The tour starts at 12.00. Gathering at 11.40 on the square of the marine station at the sculpture "Golden Child".From the turning circle of the maritime station, the group drives off on the port's bus and, through the restricted area, overpasses the head of the Quarantine pier (container terminal) to the beginning of the Raid pier. From here the hiking trail “The Lighthouse Trail” begins.              Participants of the excursion group leave for the Vorontsov lighthouse on a raid pier with a length of 680 m. During the tour, information is provided on the history of the creation and evolution of lighthouses, on the establishment of the lighthouse service, on the difficult fate of the lighthouse keepers (at a time when the lighthouse was manually operated), as well as curious facts about the lighthouses of the world.              The excursion (disembarkation from the bus) at the seaport ends.              Questions and appointment for the tour:       ☎️ 097 68 68 333

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