The events in Odessa at 12 September 2019

Presentation of distance school "Optima"

12 September 2019, 18:00
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place: Co-working center "Impact Hub Odessa" (1A Grecheskaya street)

 Шановні Old Man!  I’m asking you to give a presentation on the primary medium of the Optima distance school.              ℹ️ Під hour of presentation Ви дізнається:              ✅ What is also a distant navigation?       ✅ What is such a distance learning school?       ✅ Why have more than 1,400 homelands donated the Optima Center School to start their children?       ✅ How can I organize social networks for remote navigation?       ✅ How can you help children? Results at navcanni?       ✅ Yakі zmіni vіdbuvayutsya in the lives of children and motherland in the transition to the distance navigation?              ℹ️ School "Optima" proponuє kіlka forms before:              ✅ standard distance learning:       ✅ external with the passage of one class for the primary rik;       ✅ super-external with two classes for one starting point.        Independently of the image of the formation of the day       Leather studies at Optima school will be discouraged by unspeakable transfers:       ✅ DPA in 4 classes conducted remotely;       ПА DPA for students of the 9th grade, who don’t reside in Kyiv (Kyiv oblast), must be held at the public school on the month of staying in distant form;       ✅Vypuskniki 11 classes can go through the ZNO at the point of test for the month of living;       ✅ access to lessons 24/7;       ✅ author’s lessons in the wiggle text with an audio and video tutorials;       ✅ postіyniy suprovіd klasnogo kerivnika and tutor;       ✅ online-consultation;       ✅ igrovі inserts Bristar;       ✅ 3D model Mozabook;       ✅ nіyakih early pіdyomіv;✅ nyakih trips to school through the congestion and shtovhaninu in huge transport;       ✅ the process of going through without stress, the right way to study, the right way to live skin care living in the country to express the peace of Europe;       ✅ graph ’pidibrazhda іndivіdualno, and together with pіdlashtovyu izklad pіd shvidkіst sprynyatty іnformatsії we will learn;       ✅ before skin training, there’s an indivisible idol and trembling shutter, with the best of health, talent, and a good school pose.               Під чустрічі и перек перек перек є,,,,,, the school "Optima" is not similar to the main school. I zrozumіte to whom.        We have your secrets and "tools" with tools for our knowledge of capture.        Mi rozpovіmo about the philosophy of the school, about our readers and about new products, such as stimulate and retract until the start of the Optima school on Sunday 2018.               Much more likely to tell us what you want, help our scholars to become more intelligent and more optimistic              Check on you               Addresses: metro Odessa, vul. Gretska, 1a (entrance from the vul. Yuriya Olesha), 3 on top, Seattle conference hall               Ear: 12 Sunday about 18:00               Trivial zustrich: vid 90 hvilin + tsikava besida              Mi chekєmo itself on you!              ❗️For registration on a daily basis,       follow the instructions 

The poster of the event — Presentation of distance school "Optima" in Co-working center "Impact Hub Odessa"