The events in Odessa at 15 September 2019

World day of purity / I am for pure Cape the Big Fountain

15 September 2019, 11:00
category: charity
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Dear friends and all who care about the environmental situation in our city, in our country and in our world. On 15 September the world day of purity, this day will be spent cleaning all the parks of Odessa, the beaches and green areas of the city. Also on this day will be held on Saturdays in cities such as Teplodar, biliaivka, Podolsk, Tatarbunary, South, the next city may be Your... Sure among a huge number of people who love their city and ready to do something. We offer You to take part in this noble cause. Let's show an example to our children, and other residents of cities and towns, because the main thing is our clean future for our children and grandchildren and their children!!! Don't forget, everything depends on us! We, this community of concerned people and organizations, to date, large-scale organization of cleanup involved: - "EcoWorld Odessa" - volunteer community (SC) on FB; "Clean Odessa"; Charity Fund of St. I. Hilary; - Charitable Foundation "French Boulevard"; - "Separate Collection Odessa"; "Our Clean Odessa"; - "The green shore on the slopes of the Fountain"; - "Desperate gardeners"; - "Defenders 411 battery"; - "Garbage pranks"; - Charity S. A. Bogolyubov; - Archery Shooting "Arkona"; - "Urmare"; TH "UKRAINIAN ASSOCIATION ZAHIST SEA FROM ZABRODZIN"; - "Tais Distribution"; - A religious organization "Relig.mission Caritas-SPEs Odessa"; - Points of reception of recyclable materials in Odessa" and many more activists, and just people who care. The project is supported by the city Council, Kiev and Suvorov, seaside, Malinovskaya district administration in collaboration with the Zelentrest. We offer You will join our community and take an active part in this event! Locations of subbotniks September 15 "I'm for clean City", as well as contacts of activists for reference and borrowing of the event: 1) September 15 "I'm for Clean City Cloverleaf Bridge" Pshenichnyuk Dmitry 067-488-58-22; 2) September 15 "I'm for clean City Park Savitsky" Marina Rogacheva 067-482-70-14 (the Director of the Charity Fund of St. I. Chalari) 3) September 15 "I'm for pure Cape the Big Fountain" Novosel'skaya Valentina 097-126-80-69; 4) September 15 "I'm for clean City" Forest Park "Airport" Ukrainian Vladimir 067-486-34-88; 5) September 15 "I'm for clean City 411 battery" Naw ERA ERISA Evgeny Vasilievich 063-125-09-79; 6) September 15 "Our pure Odessa of the Highway of Health" Paul Dashuk 097-256-48-59; 7) September 15 "I'm for clean city Park Luzanovka" Pavlenko Hope 067-654-03-93; 8) September 15 "I'm for clean Lake Babichev Becoming" Tibilov Vyacheslav 063-10-700-60; 9) September 15 "I'm for clean city Kryzhanovsky beach" Vladimir Filin 095-383-00-41; 10) September 15 "I'm for Clean City Park Levitana Vasyuta Artem 09388768-72 11) September 15 "I'm for clean city of the South" BAM Alexander 063-596-40-27 / 099-212-89-08; 12) September 15 "I'm for clean city biliaivka" Alexander Pogrebnoy 097-807-86-89 13) September 15 "I'm for clean city Podolsk" Have Denkoglu Sergei 050-812-06-08. 14) September 15 "I'm for clean Tatarbunary" Eugene Time 067-835-87-90. Contacts for inquiries: Pshenichnyuk Dmitry +380674885822 (the founder of the community Ekomir Odessa) Rogacheva Marina +380674827014 (Director of Charity Fund of St. I. Chalari) More events can be found: Would welcome any assistance in the organization of the work day! P. S. take a good mood, kids and more friends) P. P. S. This is the first stage, the second stage of the "Green Odessa Green Ukraine, Green World" in it we will be planting trees! #apachestyle

The poster of the event — World day of purity / I am for pure Cape the Big Fountain in Location