The events in Odessa at 15 September 2019

Vsemirny day of purity / I am for clean Beach Kryzhanivka

15 September 2019, 11:00
category: charity
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Hello ! We invite You to participate in the support and implementation of a new project September 15 "I'm for Clean City" This year for 169 countries over the world celebrate appeared a little more than 10 years, the world Day of Purity ! Mark it so. The inhabitants of the country go out and do clean your yard, street or Park, and sometimes even appeared dismantle illegal dumps. This project is called Lets do it. Ukraine (Kiev) is also involved in this project (two years), 2019 - the time has come - ODESSA + Odessa oblast + (announced its participation and support of the 15 September with us - southern, Teplodar, biliaivka, Tatarbunary), and also the Nikolaev, Kherson and Podolsk, Already have a tradition that every year on the 1st of April our city is world famous for Humor opens the start of the summer tourist season. Coming to Odessa guests. Then he tourist season with numerous festivals and events. September 2 we celebrate the Birthday of our beloved city and many more guests. And quite naturally, September 15, after seeing the guests, the Hosts take the city (their home) after the guests that They invited. Conducting regularly every year 15 September is a Day of Purity in our city (in communion with the whole world) over time, as shown by the experience of many countries will give a good result. - increase love and more careful attitude to their city - the Association of like-minded (those who are actively willing to do something for the city) - a teaching moment for young people, for our children - building new relationships between government and citizens based on mutual - awareness of respect and gratitude to the guests of the city. The update of the famous Odessa hospitality. - increasing the level of cleanliness in the city - gradual preparation of citizens to sort garbage - mn. more In recent years Scandinavian countries are the world an example of ecological living, living in harmony with nature. But few people remember that once these countries were also contaminated. And ponds, and numerous landfills. It turns out 25 years have been spent by activists with gradually increasing support from the governments of their countries on regular measures and educational work with the population, to a slow and gradual purification and territories and water bodies and alteration of sewers, water pipes, building cleaning and musoropererabotka complexes. 25 years !!! A lot, but it's time to start! September 15 - the first city-wide Day of Purity. Part 2. THE PROJECT "GREEN ODESSA - 21 - Oct 30 - tree planting But it is not only fit, but also the regular work of Odessa on the courtship of trees. Watering and everything you need. This part of the project yet prepared. More later. AFFILIATED ORGANIZATIONS (on 15.08.19) - "EcoWorld Odessa" - volunteer community (SC) on FB "Clean Odessa" Charity Fund of St. I. Hilary - Charitable Foundation "French Boulevard" - "Separate Collection Odessa" "Our Clean Odessa" - "The green shore on the slopes of the Fountain" - "Desperate gardeners" - "Defenders 411 battery" - "Trash prank" - Charity S. A. Bogolyubov - Archery Shooting Range Of - "Urmare" -- TH "UKRAINIAN ASSOCIATION ZAHIST SEA FROM ZABRODZIN" - "Tais Distribution" - The Odessa regional Federation of Cheerleading and carport - A religious organization "Relig.mission Caritas-SPEs Odessa" - Points of reception of recyclable materials in Odessa" supported by the city Council, Kiev and Suvorov district administration in collaboration with the Zelentrest Filin Vladimir 0953830041 Marina Rogacheva (Director of Charity Fund of St. I. Chalari) 067-482-70-14 or Pshenichnyuk Dmitry 067-488-58-22 ( founder of ECOWORLD Odessa)

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