The events in Odessa at 15 September 2019

Sound meditation at the full Moon

15 September 2019, 15:00
category: more
from 350 to 400 UAH
place: Yoga Studio "by Jogada" (Marshala Govorova, 18a)

 Sound Meditation with Julia Yatsevich and Anna Zakharchuk. Sound tools collected in the world: ▫this singing bowls; ▫this crystal Bowl; ▫This is the Gong ▫I hang ▫this flute ▫this is a unique setting with Beaters (flat Church bells ) ...And many other other tools, the main task of which is to calm the mind and relax the body. To give you the opportunity to turn their attention from the outside to the inside, to harmonize the right and left hemispheres of the brain, to calm and organize the Central and peripheral nervous system . In its effects one hour sound meditation replace 1 night of deep sleep. ✅The effects of sound waves from the bowls and gongs is described many times. This and relaxing the body and quieting the mind, and increase the vibrations of the person. But for many it is just words. Personally, my experience of zvukoterapii says that everything is very individual! Someone during the sound meditation to fall into a deep sleep, someone in Savasana for an hour (!!) and feels then a resource. Someone gets the answers to your questions and resolve situations. Someone for the first time asks themselves the most important questions. Someone makes a decision that could not take. Someone first hears the silence within. Someone on the contrary begins to "see" the anxiety of mind and tension in the body. Everyone has their own experience. But for sure everyone leaves with something of their own. Personality perception in this and magical. Vibration of the bowls and the sound will not leave anyone indifferent. Just come and try. Get your experience.  Where ? Jagadam is the place where yoga lives, Marshala Govorova str., 18a (Grand Park residential complex) When ? 15.09 15:00 Cost: 350 UAH till September 15, the day of the event - 400 UAH ☎ Check by phone: (048) 709 10 85, (093) 000 38 39, (096) 242 31 56

The poster of the event — Sound meditation at the full Moon in Yoga Studio "by Jogada"