The events in Odessa at 17 September 2019

Andrey Krasnozhon "The evolution of the historical layout of Odessa"

17 September 2019, 18:30
category: lecture
from 100 UAH
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September 17, we will talk about the evolution of the historical layout of Odessa in the context of the urban myth of "exclusivity"               The last time we briefly went over the history of the development of Odessa in the 19th century, this time we will dwell on the historical layout in detail.              邏 What do we learn in this lecture?              Odessa is a unique city in many aspects, but there are questions to some criteria of "uniqueness". At the lecture we will consider such questions:              ⚜ Exclusivity of the Odessa layout: myth or reality?       ⚜ From the military town of Devolan to the Richelieu shopping and entertainment center.       ⚜ The problem of perspectives and urban dominants on the example of Venice, St. Petersburg and Venice: what is common?       ⚜ From Richelieu to Vorontsov - work on the panorama.       ⚜ Marazli and his urban development initiatives: an elephant in a china shop.       ⚜ Why did the city station “win” Primorsky Boulevard?                 ‍ Who is the lecturer?              Andrey Krasnozhon - Doctor of Historical Sciences, Head of the Department of History of Ukraine, UNPU named after K.D. Ushinsky, a specialist in the history of cities and fortresses of the North-Western Black Sea region of the XV-XVIII centuries.              ✅ Free donation (recommended amount is 100 UAH), by prior registration:              ➡️              We are waiting for you on September 17       Collection of guests at 18:30        Arcadia Alley, left wing (behind an amusement park), Space officeWe will be glad to see researchers, media professionals and city managers, proactive representatives of administrations and business, constructive activists, responsible professionals who want to develop and participate in positive changes in the city.              Press ✅ I’ll go, ✅ I’m interested in your friends also know               Information partner Followers Odessa        Urbanism Love Partner Space Magazine        Event co-organizer Flywheel of the times

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