The events in Odessa at 18 January 2020

Hillel Kosher Quiz League 2019/20

18 January 2020, 19:30
category: the game
place: Jewish youth center "Hillel" (Primorsky b-R, 9)

Kosher Quiz, Hillel CASE / Hillel CASE and Hillel Kiev / Hillel Kiev invite to the new season of the intellectual tournament from Israeli quizers.              Again, teams from 9 countries will compete in an equal battle for the title of Champions. 5 qualifying games in the cities and the Final battle of the fittest.              To join:              1️⃣ Assemble a team of 4 people and register it at the link:              2️⃣ If your city is already in the list of participants, we will notify the place and time of the game. If not, we will do our best to make the game in your city take place.              3️⃣ Join the Fb-group of the tournament: Hillel Kosher Quiz League and stay tuned for news and announcements.              You can register as ready-made teams, as well as individual players.              Briefly about the rules. Each game - 7 thematic rounds of 10 questions. Part of the rounds is devoted to Israeli realities, part to logic, some to general knowledge. More often, modernity is in focus: from top Israeli startups to the fresh Little BIG hit.               The tournament was recognized as the best educational project of 2018 at the Hillel CASE Awards. Our tasks: to bring the participants closer to Israeli culture, to give new knowledge, acquaintances, spectacular photos and the right to honestly say at the end: “Wow, that was cool!”              Come, play and win!

The poster of the event — Hillel Kosher Quiz League 2019/20 in Jewish youth center "Hillel"