The events in Odessa at 12 October 2019

Healing and correction of sound

12 October 2019, 11:00
category: more
place: The spice shop "spice Shop" (Karetny per., 14)

Seminar: Psycho/ physiological correction using a unique quartz crystal bowls. Invited for a two-day seminar, which is being held in Odessa. The seminar is conducted by a practicing physician, in whose hands the bowl come to life and are really nikodimou energy and information. Who cares: * those who are on their Spiritual journey * those who seek * those who have health problems in the family, with the children * those who need a soft kick from the Universe * those who need a ray of Light and Love in the current moment of life The program of the seminar: * debriefing: what a unique time we live in * how to live in harmony and love with yourself and the world around you * how to be a healer for himself and his family * the influence of sound us, sound healing * psycho/ physiological correction with quartz crystal bowls on the energy centers and group work * ability to get answers to burning questions The seminar is conducted by Strizhakova E. N. (Kiev), healer, core energetics since 2003. Recording tel: 0939327755, Tatiana Acting (organizer). Location: Odessa. Can the individual welcome by appointment.

The poster of the event — Healing and correction of sound in The spice shop "spice Shop"