The events in Odessa at 16 September 2019

Or eat borsch or what to ask at press conferences?

16 September 2019, 18:30
category: seminar/training
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After the press conference Sentsov and Kolchenko many people were angered by the journalists ' questions, among which were "so what have you been charged with?" and "ate the borsch?". It seemed that Oleg Sentsov was annoyed, though, and asked the journalists to ask any questions. We will discuss the following: ✅ Were such questions at a press conference appropriate? ✅ There's a line that journalists should not go in their questions? ✅ Need to be afraid to anger the person who asked the question or you can ask really everything? ✅ Did you receive the exhaustive information on the results of the press conference? ✅ What would you have asked questions if I was present at the press conference? We invite journalists and all people interested in the topic and wants to Express their opinion.  Location: Public Media Academy (Fontanskaya Doroga, 3) Get creative with baby airlines date and time: Monday, 16 September, 18.30

The poster of the event — Or eat borsch or what to ask at press conferences? in Location