The events in Odessa at 12 October 2019

“Survivors” (cacti in painting and ceramics)

12 October 2019, 10:00
category: exhibition
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Where? Megadom, magician. Boizeri, st. Tolbukhina 135/2 When? until October 17      The exhibition "Survivors" offers you the work of various masters, artists David Jista, Olga Tokarenko and ceramist Natalya Glumova, made on the "set" theme - cacti.              Cacti are one of the most mysterious plants. They survive in sometimes unbearable conditions, retaining moisture and energy within themselves, patiently waiting for years for favorable moments for their flowering. They have a wax coating and their spines ionize the air.              In our time, however, as at all times, the artist is also a “survivor”, surviving and creating in difficult and sometimes unbearable conditions, “ionizing” air and affecting people with its bright “flowering”.              It is not so easy to find the equivalent of the word "survivor" in Russian. “Survivor, victim, survivor of catastrophe” does not reflect the essence. Perhaps the closest in meaning translation is “unsinkable”.              Natalya Glumova              A linguist by training, Natalia has always felt a craving for creativity. One day, accidentally falling into a master class in ceramics, she fell in love with this craft and spent the next six years of her life studying ceramic art, first in Odessa and later at the Evanston Arts Center in the USA. There she took part in several exhibitions held by this training center. Her bright, juicy, slightly ironic works are well known both to residents of our city and far beyond its borders.              Olga TokarenkoIn 1995, immediately after graduating from art school, Olga won the first prize at the world children's book competition in Japan. Her works were exhibited in various halls of Odessa, both individually and jointly with other famous artists. In 2016, Olga realized her dream by opening her own art studio Hudozhka, which she calls the territory of inspiration and creativity for adults and children.               David gista              A talented French artist who was born and raised in Paris, and today shares his time between France and the USA, successfully exhibiting his works in the best galleries of both countries. His classical education in the field of fine art and a sharp look at the surrounding space allow you to create amazing illustrations of our time with the help of various art tools.

The poster of the event — “Survivors” (cacti in painting and ceramics) in Location